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Guided Tour - Changing your Profile for School Accounts
IMPORTANT: In addition to supplying your school email address (see below), please consider providing a personal email address. School's sometimes block business emails. If you create an account, your login information is sent automatically to your school address. But, if your school blocks our address, we have no alternate address to supply this information, should you write us and request it.
After logging into your Teacher Account, you will see your "Teacher Dashboard" which asks, "What would you like  to do?" This tour is about Changing Your Profile, so you would click the "Change Profile" button.

Any of the information in your Profile can be changed at any time. Just click the "Update Profile" button when you are finished editing the information.

Please Note: There are two separate Password fields in this form; one for you as the Teacher and one for your Students' use. Unless you are creating a practice quiz for yourself only, these Passwords should be different for the security of the quizzes you create as a Teacher.


Create Account - to view information on how to create an account, Add A New Test or Manage Existing Tests for more information about the individual features of the Teacher Dashboard, or What your Students see for more information about the Student interface.
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