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How can I know if my students completed a homework assignment?


How can I get a copy of my students' quiz results?

For technical reasons beyond our control, we no longer have an email option available for quizzes. (May all spammers receive their due reward...)

When a student completes a quiz, the last page they see is the Summary Page. Have the student take a Screen Shot of the Summary Page and email it to you. A "How To" can be found here.

Help! I set up a ten question test, but all of a sudden one of the words I selected has a different signer. What happened? From time to time, it is necessary for us to make site modifications. This might include replacing a sign with another model or deleting the sign altogether. We apologize for this inconvenience and would not do it if it were not essential to the web site presence.

The solution is pretty easy. From your Teacher dashboard, click Manage Existing Tests. Select the test with the modified or deleted word. Click "Edit Selected Content." Delete the word and add another to replace it.

We reserve the right to make site modifications at any time.

How can I preview a test that I have just created? After you have set up your test and saved your changes, log in to your account as a Student, using the right panel of the log in page. You'll see the test just as your student will see it.

How do I know what is being signed for my word choices in a test? While you are in the Teacher Dashboard, just open up a second browser window and preview the word as it is listed in the Main Dictionary. You'll see the sign as it will appear in your test.

  I've lost my Account information. Can you help me? Yes. When your account was created, an email was sent to the address supplied when you created the Account. Perhaps there was a "typo" in the email address and it did not reach you? Or, it could be that the email wound up in your spam box and got deleted. 

Click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page and send us an email from the email address you supplied when you set up your account. This process might take 1-2 days.


  My question is not listed here. Is there another place for FAQs at the site? Thanks for asking! Your question might very well be answered on our "General FAQ" page.

Click here.

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