Guided Tour - Managing your Existing "ASLPro QuizMe! For Schools" Tests
Manage Existing Tests
There are two features in this category. You can choose to edit selected Content (sign categories) for a Test or add new Test times for when a Test can be taken. Select one of your Tests by clicking the radial button next to the Test. Then select one of these two options. (Think of "Content" in terms of a sign category. Think of "Test" in terms of giving your students access to a particular Content at a particular time.)
Edit Selected Content
Clicking this option allows you to edit the specific Content of a test. Here, you can delete signs and/or add signs to a test.
Deleting one or more signs is easy. Just click next to each sign you want to delete from the Test, then click the "Delete selected content" button.
The next screen will tell you that the deletion was successful or tell you if there was a problem.
The second option from this menu is to add signs to the test. Simply fill in the blank with the number of signs you want to add to the Content and click the "Add Signs" button.
A new insertion record is created for the Content. Once again, click on any letter and select a sign from that letter category. The new sign is automatically added to the test. Click "Save Content" to complete the process.
The final screen will notify you of the success of the operation and an email will be sent to you confirming that the Content was updated.
Edit Selected Tests
This option will allow you to delete Tests once they are no longer needed or add a new Test with a new time access period. To delete a Test, simply click the radio button next to the Test you want to delete and click the "Delete selected test" button. (Remember, think of "Content" in terms of a sign category. Think of "Test" in terms of giving your students access to a particular Content at a particular time. Deleting a Test does not delete the Content (category) that you have previously set up. Content can remain the same from school year to school year, but Tests can only be deleted or added and are limited to a one-year access period.)
If you click "Add Another Test", you will be able to add additional tests for the Content and set unique availability times for the new Test. Be sure to make a note about the Tests you have created and when they are available to your students. When you ask your students to take a particular Test, you will need to know when the test is actually available. 
Here's an example for creating another testing time for the Content "Home Life":
Click "Add This Test Time", and a confirmation page will appear:
That's it! You're done.
Now, when your students access the account as shown below, they will have two Tests available for the Content called "Home Life". Each Test will have the same content, but different access times.
Click Change Profile, Add A New Test or Manage Existing Tests for more information about the individual features of the Teacher Dashboard, or What your Students see for more information about the Student interface.
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